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  • The All Rounder Course & Intra-College Luton Indoor cricket leagueIn Collaboration with four colleges – A league that makes a difference!

    Four colleges and eight teams play weekly matches.  Every week an educational and learning theme is associated to the game.  As the competition has 20 games there are also be 20 learning outcomes.

    When and how will the outcomes be delivered?

    When a game starts the player looks to the coach for a match strategy.  It is in these first 5 minutes; the coach embeds the learning objective of the day into the team talk.  They will be expected to follow up on the learning outcome by completing am online learning activity that will be emailed to them.

    Why is it called an All-rounder course?

    An allrounder is a cricketer who can bat, bowl and field very well.  Likewise, this course will make them allrounders for the outside world.

    Working in collaboration with The Lord’s Taverners Wicketz programme in Luton, Global Technology Solution’s team have developed “The All-Rounder course”.  A bespoke course that provides youth aged 15-24 that live in areas of deprivation skills that enhances their life, career & employability prospects.

    What does the All-rounder course consist of?

    It provides them a platform to play the sport of choice, learn, apply and try different skills in a real-life environment.   The specially designed course allows the young adults to work on adapted community initiatives.

    There are three stages of the project:

    Stage 1 – The All Rounder Course 

    A 20-week pre-game and online course that teaches participants skills associated to these four areas:

    1. Life skills
    2. Communication Skills,
    3. Business Development Skills
    4. Career & Employability Skills

    Stage 2 – Business enterprise by the youth for the youth!

    “The Inhouse Business Hub” Pilot Phase collaboration options –

    1. Shared Learning Trust 6th Form
    2. Luton 6th Form College
    3. Central Beds College
    4. Barnfield College
    5. Chiltern Learning Trust 6th Form

    (Conducted in Secondary schools and colleges)

    Stage 2 – Continued

    A workplace environment will be established at educational institutions called “The inhouse Business Hubs”.  These hubs will allow students to exercise their newly acquired skills on a project developed by them.  The participants will be required to wear business attire to create a professional environment.  During this stage industry mentors will support the youth using a practical based learning approach.  Business skills like taking inbound and making outbound calls, writing emails and making proposals will all be taught at an elementary level to instil confidence and self-esteem.  This stage 2 will be concluded with a workshop on public speaking and with them delivering a persuasive sales presentation to their peers.

    Stage 3 – Getting into employment!

    Working in collaboration with Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, The Shared Learning Trust and The Lord’s Taverners Wicketz programme, attempts will be made to provide participants and educational institutions the following opportunities:

    1. Work Experience – Offered to Secondary schoolsTraineeships – Offered to Colleges & UniversitiesApprenticeships – Offered to Colleges & UniversitiesPart Time Jobs – Offered to Colleges & Universities
    2. Full time jobs – Offered to Colleges & Universities

    Could this course possibly support the UK Government KickStart Scheme?

    The pilot “All Rounder Project” in Luton could support the UK Governments Kick Start Scheme, (Kickstart Scheme – GOV.UK ( in the region.  In short, it is a scheme that provides funding to employers to create job placements for 16 to 24-year olds on Universal Credit.  With unemployment increasing and an uncertain future with Brexit looming in the horizon.  More and more collaborations like this should take place nationally to increase employment opportunities and to accelerate the economic recovery of United Kingdom.

    What inspired the All Rounder Course?

    In 2018, a group of young Afghan refugees were identified as contributing to ASB and community conflicts in Luton – many were disengaged from mainstream education, in trouble with police and on the fringe of crime. It quickly became clear that they were in poor mental health and at immense risk of exploitation.  Over two years numerous initiatives have supported their development.  This course is the last step to shaping their future.  It will not only allow refugees a platform to learn it will give all local young people in Luton the opportunity to develop their skills for life and employment.

    What happens if they don’t like cricket? 

    In Luton, South Asian refugees form gangs and disrupt order by getting involved in the life of crime and violence.  Their pursuit to a better life has been at the expense of education; therefore, providing them a course that provides a foundation tackle this problem is crucial.  A survey was conducted to ascertain what would they like to do and what sports that they would like to participate in.  By consulting the challenged youth and specialists in Cricket & MMA, Combat Cricket was coined and developed.

    “If I wasn’t here right now [at the Combat Cricket session] I would be, I don’t know in town walking around some like a lost guy, but I have now so much patience and so much self-control that if someone said something to me I would be calm” Danial Haider, participant at Combat Cricket in Luton.

    BBC Sport Coverage: 

    Watch the impact of Wicketz by clicking the link: Wicketz Luton – YouTube

    How has the plan by distinguished stakeholders in the community been viewed?

    “What Wicketz [Luton] and Cricket East are doing I think is tremendous for the youth because today the youth needs to be engaged … Sport is a great way of engaging because it has no barriers … makes the children become team workers, team leaders and also to be tolerant.” Vinod Tailor, Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Bedfordshire.

    “We have seen people from around the [Luton] town, the county mixing together, having fun together, having food together so this is having a massive impact in our society. Not only just for the growth and development of our kids but bringing communities together” Cllr. Aslam Khan, LBC Safety and Cohesion


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