Televisions and cable networks have penetrated this world at a level no other service has. Whether we talk about urban or rural areas, one service that you will find consistently in every home is DTH or cable services. DTH or Direct to Home cable services has reached areas where the internet has not even reached. These services keep the public informed on what is happening around the world apart from keeping them entertained. With such a wide customer base and a growing competitive market, call center services for the DTH sector have become a necessity over the last 5 years.

Global Contact Centre provides DTH operators will our call center services that help them expand their reach to new customers as well as help provide support for existing ones in order to improve their experience with the brand. Our cost-effective and 24/7 services make us a preferred partner for some of the largest DTH operators.

Our Call Center Services for the DTH Sector

We provide a wide range of call center services for the DTH sector that starts with the onboarding process of the customer all the way to ensure their retention and loyalty.

Lead Generation and Sales

Acquiring new customers is what makes any business grow and keeps it competitive in the market. The DTH sector is a highly competitive one and one that requires a lot of strategy and effort in order to gain new customers either by identifying a gap in the market of attracting existing customers of competitors and convincing them to switch over to your brand. That is why DTH operators choose to outsource their lead generation and sales process to call center companies. Octopus Tech excels at helping DTH operators expand their customer base by increasing their sales and onboarding new customers to their service. This leads to direct growth in the revenue of the company and increased profitability. Our lead generation and sales service are available 7 days a week at all hours of the day.

Customer Support Services

Providing excellent customer support is what makes a difference between a great brand and a mediocre one. In today’s competitive business world, no brand can afford to be mediocre. DTH companies have customers in the millions. Where there are so many customers, there are bound to be customers who are unhappy or face some issues with their service. How you deal with those customers can directly impact their continuation with your services. Recognizing this importance of customer support, DTH operators choose to outsource their customer support expert BPO companies. Octopus Tech prides itself on being a leading customer support services company that provides multichannel support services 24/7 to your customers to ensure a positive experience for all of them. Our services can be the differentiating factor between you and your competition.

Customer Retention

Each year DTH operators lose a big chunk of their revenue due to customer churn. Customers leave your services to choose your competitors. Also, with so many different modes of entertainment for customers like the internet and video streaming services, it becomes difficult for DTH operators to retain their customers or to bring back the ones they have lost. That is why outsourcing customer retention services has become crucial for these DTH companies. At Global Contact Centre, our customer retention services help you reduce your loss due to customer churn and ensure your customers’ loyalty with the brand. By capitalizing on lost customers or inactive users, your business can tap into a hidden potential that was earlier getting lost due to the churn.

DTH Application Support

DTH and cable operators have all come up with their self-service mobile applications that let customers manage their accounts and services. These apps allow customers to recharge their accounts, change their plans, get to know updates to different packs, and some even allow live TV streaming as well. These apps are a wonderfully conceived way to keep customers engaged. However, just like all applications or platforms, customers do require support with them from time to time. This is why outsourcing application support is on the rise for these DTH companies. Global Contact Centre Solutions is available with their voice, chat, and email support services to cater to all your customer’s needs. We ensure that all customers using your applications have a positive experience that keeps them engaged with the brand and satisfied with the services.

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