With the economy transforming into a digital model, e-commerce has been the key sector driving change in the global economy. Over the last decade, the e-commerce sector has seen a boom like no other before it. Many brick and mortar retailers are shifting their business online to reap the many benefits it gives them including a wider reach. Many retail businesses alongside their brick and mortar stores run their e-commerce websites for additional benefits to themselves and their customers. With so much diversification and growth happening in the e-commerce sector, dedicated call center services for e-commerce are a requirement of every such company.

Call center services for e-commerce help your business deal with the day to day customer interaction challenges you may face and help streamline your customer journey and experience. Not only do these services take a load off your shoulders but it also helps you focus on the core objectives of your company while knowing that your customers are in the right hands.

Our Call Center Services for E-Commerce

Complaint Handling

Considering the sheer volume of customers an e-commerce company has, there are bound to several complaints as well. That is the nature of the business. Addressing these complaints the right way and in a proper time-frame can make all the difference for your customers. Remember that the e-commerce world is a highly competitive one. If you do not handle your customers’ complaints properly, they will simply go over to your competitor’s website. At Octopus Tech, we handle your customer complaints in a professional and timely manner. Our multi-level complaint management service will not only try to resolve customer complaints from our end but also patch through calls in real-time to other internal departments as needed.

Order Processing

A major task of any e-commerce operation is processing orders. These orders are the lifeblood of your business. Proper order management can ensure a smooth running of your entire operation. Order processing can involve multiple tasks like confirming customer order, confirming their address, mode of payment, following up on delivery received, etc. Octopus Tech is an experienced call center company for the e-commerce sector that excels in order processing for several e-commerce companies. We handle everything from incoming calls related to orders to outbound calls for order and address confirmation.

Billing and Payment Support

There are many customers that face challenges while completing their payment of e-commerce sites. These challenges can be with payment methods, an issue with a customer account or card, or even sometimes with technical issues with the payment portal. Prompt resolution of such issues is necessary for payment processing for the orders which saves the business from loss of revenue due to payment failure. Octopus Tech’s services ensure that all customer challenges related to failed payments are handled diligently while ensuring customer information protection and security. We help customers overcome payment related issues and ensure a 100% payment success rate.

Handling Product Returns

Product returns and refunds can hurt your business. In some cases, these returns are unavoidable for example in the case of a defected product. However, in some cases, these returns can be avoided by simply educating the customer on the proper use of the product and answering customer inquiries. This improves the customer experience as well as reduces returns for the business. At Octopus Tech, we try to tackle this challenge from both your and your customers’ point of view. We ensure smooth return of products that are defected or dissatisfactory to the customer and we also try to educate the customers about the product to reduce the product return rate where possible.

Chat Support and Email Support

There are many customers these days that prefer to communicate with e-commerce companies using their website chat or the chat feature in their apps. Chat support gives the customers the convenience of contacting you at any time and at any place without needing to stay on call for a long time. The same goes for email support. Whenever customers want to discuss a complicated and lengthy issue and want documented proof of the conversation, they choose to email a brand rather than calling them. Octopus Tech provides both chat support and email support services to e-commerce clients that help them provide truly multichannel support to their customers. This service can be provided 24/7 just like all our services to cater to your customers whenever and wherever they need.

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