E-Surveillance for Schools

Schools and other educational institutions are places where parents send their children to help mold their future by helping them get a good education. A school is a place where children are and their parents expect absolute safety and security.

That is why, to help schools keep their premises safe and secure, Global Contact Centre offers their E-Surveillance services for Schools. Our services help you keep an eye on all areas of your school, from halls, playgrounds to entry and exit gates.

What’s more? You can get instant alerts in the event of any criminal activity or trespassing on your phone or email with the help of our e-surveillance experts.

Our E-Surveillance Service Benefits –

Multiple Site View

Our E-Surveillance service gives the opportunity for you to keep an eye on multiple locations at the same time. For example, if you have several schools spread across the state or even the country; all their footage can be monitored in real-time from a centralized control room

Audit Reports

We provide regular periodic reports of every area of your property based on pre-determined parameters. These reports give you much-needed insight into the regular functioning of your school and know where there is room for improvements.

Easy Integration

You would not need to overhaul your existing security system. Our e-surveillance services can easily integrate with your existing camera and set-up so that you do not incur any added expenses of getting new hardware. This leads to reduced set-up time.

Crime Prevention

Our e-surveillance is the perfect method of crime deterrence and prevention. Our security experts will be monitoring your sites with multiple views active at the same time. The moment any criminal behavior is witnesses, a real-time alert will be raised.

Better Staff Supervision

Our service ensures improved staff supervision and every moment from their arrival to exit from the property would be monitored. This will give you a better chance to judge how well the staff is working even when you are not present at the location.

Reduction in Indiscipline and Bullying

When the students know they are being monitored at all times, it will lead to reduced incidents of indiscipline on their parts and would be beneficial for the overall environment of the school. This will also reduce the incidents of bullying in schools between fellow students.

With Global Contact Centre E-Surveillance monitoring services, you too can secure your student’s and staff’s well-being.