E-Surveillance for Warehouses

Whether you are a wholesaler or a manufacturer of goods, your warehouse plays a very important role in your business. It is a critical part of your business’s supply chain. Valuable merchandise worth hundreds of thousands, or in some cases millions can be stored in these warehouses. The remote locations of most of these storage sites make them a soft target for theft and robberies.

To protect your warehouses and their valuable merchandise, Global Contact Centre offers businesses E-Surveillance services for Warehouses. Our 24/7 real-time monitoring will help secure your locations and reduce inventory shrinkage due to theft and pilferage.

Benefits of our E-Surveillance Service for Warehouses –

24/7 Monitoring

Our e-surveillance services allow you to keep a watchful eye on your warehouse at all times of the day or night. Even when your warehouse is not operational, there are several criminal minded individuals that could attempt to trespass onto the property in an attempt to steal your goods. Our experts will raise real-time alerts in the event that any criminal activity is detected at any time and even alert the police of the same.

Reduce Internal Theft

One of the biggest causes of losses in warehouses is internal theft. Internal theft refers to the theft of goods perpetrated by the employees of the business. Every year, businesses lose millions due to internal theft. Our e-surveillance service monitors employee behavior at all times and alerts you of any incidence of theft along with screenshots as evidence. This leads to reduced losses and an increase in profitability.

Multiple Location View

If you have a large scale business then chances are you have multiple warehouses across the country. Our e-surveillance service offers the unique experience of letting you monitor and supervise all your warehouses from a single location. From our control room, our e-surveillance experts can view the security footage of all warehouses present across the country and can share their audit reports with you at regular intervals.

Real-Time Alerts

One of the biggest advantages of our e-surveillance service is real-time alerts. In the event that any crime is detected, real-time alerts will be sent to your email as well as mobile via text. We can also call the police as well as other emergency services like ambulance, firefighters etc to help out in the case of emergencies. These alerts will not only prevent theft and robberies but can also save the lives of your staff in critical situations.

Easy Integration

Our e-surveillance service will not force you to overhaul your entire security system. In fact, our services can easily integrate with the existing hardware that you have installed in your warehouses. This saves you the cost of getting new equipment and also speeds up the time to set up the whole system. What’s more? We handle the entire setup process so you do not have to bother with any of it at all.

Better Inventory Management

With the help of e-surveillance, you can ensure that the space of your warehouse is being utilized in the best manner possible. You can also supervise the handling of delicate or breakable products by your staff to make sure there are no breakages. You can also make sure that perishable products that need to be kept in cold storage are stores there in a timely manner so that they do not go bad. All this helps improve the efficiency of the warehouse.

Global Contact Centre E-Surveillance services for Warehouse helps you keep your staff and merchandise safe and secure along with minimizing loss due to theft and robbery.