E-mail Support Services

Email has become the chief method of communication between your customers and your business. Everything from

feedback emails to queries can be the subject of these emails. Your business needs strong e-mail support services to

ensure your customers get a fast response from you and are satisfied with the resolution provided.

Check out the range of services covered by our Email Support Service:

1. Customer support

Customer support covers resolving all customer issues and answering queries regarding various aspects of your product or service

2. Order tracking & fulfillment

In cases or e-commerce sites, you need to stay connected with your customers via mail to ensure the fulfillment of their order. Not just that, but also assist in the tracking of the shipment as well.

3. Technical Support

Email plays a vital role in providing technical support or assistance to your customers. Customers can be guided through step by step troubleshooting procedure that can be sent to them via email for them to follow as per their convenience.

4. Escalation Management

Our email support helps resolve customer escalation issues and provide them with a resolution that will delight them and help you retain unhappy customers.

Why choose us?

  • 1. 24/7 Email Support Capability
  • 2. Real-Time response to customer emails

  • 3. Timely resolution to Technical and Non Technical issues
  • 4. Maintain customer loyalty to sustain a current customer base

To know how we can customize our solutions to suit your business requirements, contact us today.