In a growing economy, fintech companies play a vital part in keeping the consumers and businesses financially independent. These companies provide loans to consumers so that can they can fulfill their requirements and also finance businesses that allow them to continue their growth and expansion which in turn leads to growth in employment opportunities. This is a cycle that would stop running without the services provided by the fintech sector. With increasing growth and competition in the market, the fintech sector companies benefit from outsourcing several of their services to BPO companies. Call centre services for Fintech are essential for the smooth running of these companies.

 At Global Contact Centre, we work together with fintech companies to ensure they keep running in a profitable manner by increasing their customer base. We also ensure that the risk of loss due to bad loans and defaulters is minimized through our services.

Our Call Center Services for Fintech Sector

Octopus Tech offers a wide range of call center services to the fintech sector that helps them streamline their processes to ensure profitability and reduced risk of losses.

Inbound Support Services

The most basic element of keeping any business prosperous is keeping its customers happy with the service and satisfied with their interactions with the brand. This job is performed by the customer support team that handles the customers’ inbound calls to resolve their issues and answer their questions regarding the company policies as well as services. Outsourcing this function to call center company ensures that your customers are being provided with dedicated support while you focus on your core operations. Octopus Tech’s inbound support services provide customers with 24/7 support to resolve their issues in a timely manner. We protect your brand image during each interaction and ensure customer satisfaction and delight.

Lead Generation Services

New leads and customers keep a business growing and profitable. You cannot allow the well of your leads to dry up. A healthy and constant flow of leads and potential customers is extremely important for any business. The fintech sector is no different. In order to acquire new business, these companies outsource their lead generation services to a third-party company that excels in revenue generation in the fintech sector. Octopus Tech partners with the fintech companies to generate relevant and easily convertible leads that go on to have long term relationships with your company. Business is all about relationships and we help your company make life long relationships with your potential customers.

Collection Services

Every year the financial sector faces losses due to bad loans or defaulted loans. This is a major problem for the fintech sector. In order to safeguard themselves from these losses, every fintech company engages in the debt collection process in order to recover the loan amount from defaulters. As this is a stringent task that requires an entire dedicated department, many choose to outsource this function. Octopus Tech runs the debt collection and recovery process for fintech companies in order to help them reduce their losses by recovering loan amounts from their customers through outbound repayment reminder calls.

Mobile Application Support

Every fintech company today is capitalizing on mobile applications to connect with customers in order to make the entire process of financing easier. As every individual today has a smartphone in their pocket, it makes it easier for them to connect through your mobile app rather than your website. That is why ensuring your customers have a positive experience on the app is important. When customers face any challenges with your app, a prompt app support team is necessary to help guide them. Octopus Tech’s customer support services will help your customers navigate through all their challenges and resolve their queries related to your application. With a fast TAT for issue resolution, our team will ensure the improved customer experience.

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