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A Five-stage Refugee Integration Programme.

A five-stagerefugee integration programme is being initiated that will enhance and develop the skills of refugees entering in any English-speaking country. 

Since 2006, over 6000 individuals learning English as a second language have been taught to secure employment and enhance their self-esteem and interpersonal skills.  Using the portal, individuals will be taught the English language allowing the refugees the skill to enter into the workplace rather than seek welfare or indulge in the life of crime to get by.

Innovative teaching techniques will be used by our team providing a solid foundation to deliver a training programme that will teach them not only the culture and traditions of the United Kingdom but also equip them with the skills to succeed in a foreign country and in the sales sector.  This will allow the refugees to work in any sales capacity either in the field or on the phone.

The starting point will be language development.

Stage 1: A training Need Analysis is conducted:.

Grammar Test
Reading / Listening / Writing & Speaking assessment

Results will be graded using the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Based on the results of the TNA a customised training schedule is developed to work on areas of need.

Business woman drawing graph showing profit growth on whiteboard, making financial presentation to colleagues in office

Stage 2: IELTS TRAINING – Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing Skills development.

Stage 3: Sales, Culture & Life Skills Training.

Attention Interest Desire Action (AIDA) 
Relationship Selling
Relationship Building Skills & Building a Rapport
Customer Service Skills
Features Benefits & Solutions
How to increase your sales using a psychological marketing strategy
How to deal with difficult customers
How to deal with difficult people
Nine hidden buyer questions
Telephone Etiquette
Attitude- The key to successful selling
High Street & Online Banks
International Phonetic Alphabet
Features Advantages & Benefits (FAB)
Pre-Call Planning

Cold Calling and pressure reduction 
Gate Keepers
The managing objections structure
Ten mistakes salespeople make
Follow up techniques
Campaign Compliance
Listening Skills
Importance and types of questions
Communication Skills using the probe
Closing Skills
CV Writing
Interview Techniques
Business communication skills for Corporates

Stage 4: Internal Working Hub.

An office work environment is created with the participants wearing business attire for the hub.  They make inbound and outbound calls, write and send emails and deliver a presentation to develop their public speaking skills.

Stage 5: “The Real World”.

Working in partnership with Chamber of Commerce we will provide participants with the following:

Work Experience
Part Time Jobs
Full time jobs