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The Global Villages– “The Knowledge exchange platform for Industry specialists”.

As a specialist in industry training, GTSE has developed a knowledge exchange platform that offers businesses globally the opportunity to become experts in their field of work. We have different villages for different industries allowing all to benefit.

With a compilation of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers all on one stage, a place to network, develop and build relationships. offers opportunities to import or export. This will truly support industry in regions where poverty and deprivation are prevalent and will also create new trade corridors that will provide mutual benefits to the UK as well as the country the service is provided.

From networking, learning from specialists, freight enquiries to door to door service a seamless supply chain management process ensuring the order or consignments are delivered safely, smoothly and offering value for money.

Case Study.

As the leading provider for training in the textile(s) sector worldwide through Global Technology SE. We want to be able to provide British standard training and qualifications on a global scale. Thus, creating strong international links.

With one of our clients, they found some “lengthy” tasks in the process of manufacturing, such as Creeling.  This usually takes 1-2 hour; however, with our training it was completed in 30 minutes this includes “job off and job on with the pattern in place” furthermore, we also produced 12 to 13 Warps on a sample machine built by Karl Mayer, Germany (Giromatic-GOM) in a 12-hour shift which includes warped on and off the machine.

Having 17 years of textile experience under our belt, we know with the current training and procedures set in place, employees within the textiles sector are not maximising their potential. Our specialist tailored “fast track” training will allow them to learn our trade secrets and strategies in a short period of time to improve production and performance by working smart and not hard.

3D illustration of houses surrounding an earth globe, metaphor for global communities

Our qualification has its standards set by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).

While multinationals in the Asia Pacific region’s textile industry sell low priced clothing to the west, the clothing manufacturers are cutting corners with both workers and the quality being adversely affected.  Our training in the region is making a difference, not only do the companies witness increased productivity they are taught to conform to British Standards in their operation too.  As a result, the end user client can be rest assured to chat their purchase has come from an ethical supplier.  These BS factories then provide their products to the UK or internationally to create links for business and trade as at this present it is important to create a sustainable economy before and after Brexit.