Healthcare BPO Services

The rapid changes we see in the healthcare industry today is making it difficult for its major players to stay ahead in the game. The various advantages provided by the healthcare industry, though are important for every age group, are currently overshadowed by consumer empowerment, rising costs and varying domestic agendas which have led to a mega-shift in the digital influence within the industry.

Even the administrative tasks involved in managing a healthcare practice doesn’t leave you enough time to focus on the core activity i.e. patient care. So, if you too are struggling with complex coding procedures, rising operational costs, issues with billing, insurance claiming or any such thing, outsourcing these services to a reputed firm might be a better bet. Here, Octopus Tech can help you meet the needs of your practice with its comprehensive yet customized BPO healthcare service.

Doctor on Call

A phone call can be of utmost importance during a medical emergency and sometimes can even become a deciding factor between life and death itself. Global Contact Centre can easily take care of after office hours call of the healthcare providers to deliver a timely response or information that can help save a life. Our efficient ‘Doctor on Call’ service not only helps with creating a positive impression but also in establishing a healthy relationship between doctors, patients, nurses and other healthcare providers.

Physician Referral Services

Physician referral service is a relatively new concept that works as a sort of connecting link to help bridge the gap between the physician and the patient by making sure the right information reaches the right person at the right time. We at Global Contact Centre, assist the patient to select a physician based on the distance or the ZIP code or even AMA medical specialization etc. Our executives are equipped with the relevant data to help resolve any query regarding the physicians.

Appointment Scheduling

The bigger your business grows, the heavier your patient appointment and scheduling can become, not to mention a gradual dip in patient flow whenever any number of patients forget or miss their appointment. By outsourcing appointment scheduling services, you can rest assure your missed appointments will get converted to patient traffic. Here at Global Contact Centre, our agents maintain the records of your customers’ demography which makes them inept at handling multifaceted scheduling services customized to your faculty needs.


Telemedicine is the exchange of valuable medical information which has helped bridge the gap between the doctors and patients via advanced telecommunication methods such as online chats, video conferencing, online medical forums etc. At Global Contact Centre, we provide you complete access to experienced healthcare professionals and medical specialists without travel. Our telemedicine service is a boon, especially for elderly, disabled or non-transportable patients living in remote or medically underserved areas.

Insurance Claim Processing

Enhancing customer satisfaction has always been a key objective for businesses, especially the insurance sector. We understand this at Global Contact Centre, that’s why our experienced insurance claims processing workforce helps companies to store, access and retrieve critical information in a secure way. In addition, we have the required infrastructure to manage the entire insurance claim process from document digitization to its verification to validation to organization in an easy to retrieve electronic format.

Coding Services

Medical coding is another important procedure which involves assigning particular codes (to help access medical information easily) and categorizing patient records in order to bring proficiency to the entire medical practice management process. Serving the healthcare industry, Global Contact Centre is a new age medical coding specialist company working with certified and experienced coding experts that provide you with a top-notch online medical coding service to help you increase your reimbursements.

Transcription Services

Medical transcription, as the name suggests, is the act of transcribing medical reports dictated over the telephone or uploaded digitally via the internet or smartphone apps by physicians, nurses or other healthcare practitioners. With the help of qualified and trained professionals, we at Octopus Tech offer high-end transcription services which are developed with the help of dictation technology, cutting-edge software technologies, modern infrastructure and proofreaders offering end to end solutions for a diverse field of expertise.

Billing and Collection Services

Billing mistakes is another factor driving the healthcare industry towards outsourcing. It comprises both underbilling and overbilling which may lead to costly audits and legal consequences and are generally considered as medical fraud. Our billing and collection experts at Octopus Tech can be of great help in this case, not only we have in-depth knowledge and years of experience working in the healthcare industry but are also well versed in handling the entire medical billing and its collection procedure.

To outsource your healthcare BPO services to us, contact Octopus Tech Solutions today.