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Our campaign has been titled “Stop Evading & Start Engaging Project”.

With over three decades of research and experience in the transport sector, a major loophole has been discovered.  Using our global IT Specialists and strategic minds, a solution has been developed that could assist in reducing tax evasion which according to research cost the UK Exchequer £8.5 Billion per year.  This money could be better used to help redevelop the UK economy post COVID.

This was the driving power which motivated Rao Khan to develop a specialist tax system free from any loopholes which could not be exploited.

We are a HMRC registered agents..


Step 1: REGISTER – Individuals, companies, Private hire driver, tradesman would be targeted and then advised to enrol on to the new HMRC GTSE Tax System.  This registration process ensures us that everyone can continue to work and earn a living while GTSE/HMRC app will do all the work seamlessly by uploading the latest rules and regulations automatically. It is common for companies to purchase high end accounting software which are sometimes not connected to HMRC direct; however, with this solution you can avoid paying those unnecessary charges.


Step 2: DOWNLOAD – Once a member, the GTSE tax app can be downloaded for free (terms & conditions apply)


Step 3. SYNC – Once the individual’s phone or system has been synced with our application, they will receive a unique G.A.T.E certificate. This certification contains the basic rules and regulations and ensures all members are confiding to HMRC guidelines. 

STEP 4: INTEGRATION – The user will have the opportunity to see their earnings and deductions live on the app.  Historically, the large sum at the end of the year is hard to fathom; that is why GTSE is offering the option of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly payment options.  Not only will this system benefit the treasury the user will have a clear conscience as they will know the figure earnt is after tax.  This innovative application will be seen as a pioneer that will tackle the industry head on is famous for the term “Cooking the books”.


STEP 5: SUSTAINABILITY – To ensure consistency and sustainability a certification by the name of the G.A.T.E will be issued.  A monthly administration fee will be charged for app maintenance and servicing.

In 2018, a report researched by Patrick Cannon showed that around £70 billion of revenue was lost to tax evasion overall in the UK*

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STEP 6: EMBEDDING FOUNDATION – This software application will become a global leader with this revolutionary technology that will most definitely provide the treasury with billions of pounds to spend on numerous projects to repair a post COVID economy.