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Our aim is to address the problem of segregation in the North of England/Huddersfield. Our solution is to use the concept of Sport Diplomacy1 and the power of international Sports Mega Events; and our result will be to facilitate enhanced levels of integration across communities locally and regionally. We will do this with cricket: as we have done with great success in Luton.

Our proposal is for the second stage of the Sports Diplomacy and the inclusion study, which will address Huddersfield, and provide meaningful solutions to a town having similar demographics and challenges as Luton.

By coordinating the Luton CWC Tour in 2019, new relationships were developed and old relationships were strengthened especially with the local authority, educational institutions, community groups and local businesses. As a result, all cricket programmes in the vicinity will benefit because the tour will be introduced to a new audience, particularly in areas that have very limited cricket activity taking place.

Promotion of programmes such as Yorkshire CAG Cricket, CTS Street, Wicketz. Women and Girls, All Stars, Dynamo and MCC Foundation will all see an increase in participation. This will allow the Stakeholders to build stronger relationships between BAME communities, ECB, the Counties, clubs and other parts of the cricketnetwork. These collaborations and the trophy tour will support ECB’s inclusion and diversity strategy by targeting all communities to engage with cricket, be it through playing, supporting or working in the game.

  • By using the concept of Sport Diplomacy and the power of international Sports Mega Events; we will make a wider difference to communities across multiple areas, including physical and mental health, wellbeing, higher educational attainment and social cohesion. Build stronger relationships between BAME communities, ECB, the Counties, clubs and other parts of the cricket network. Community cohesion is important. If people are unable to get on, tension and intolerance start to emerge, which can lead to fragmented neighbourhoods and increases in anti-social behaviour.(a) Reduce inequalities, discrimination and levels of deprivation (b) Increase community engagement, sense of belonging and pride (c) Increase and promote interaction between people
    (d) Increase safety and respect for individuals and communities
  • Footage of the ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Luton 2019The video highlights the impact it had in Luton and we will mirror the project in Huddersfield. Please watch the Luton World Cup Tour 2019 (Click links below)Video 1: (66) Power of Cricket & Sports Diplomacy ICC World Cup Trophy Tour – Wicketz Luton – YouTubeVideo 2: (66) BBC LOOK EAST CRICKET WORLD CUP LUTON TOUR COVERAGE – YouTube

Objectives of the community project were to use the power of international events to breakdown geo-political barriers created by a divisive South Asian mainstream media. The strategy that was used was inspired by Dr Simon Rofe, co-founder of Sports Diplomacy, who is from the Centre of International Studies at SOAS University of London. Dr Rofe is the project lead of the Sport, Diplomacy, and Governance Hub, who states “Sporting competition has assisted human societies in mediating estrangements, resolving conflict and building bridges across cultures since the era of the ancient Olympic Games. Such engagements with the ‘other’ simultaneously produce and reinforce each state and people’s own identity. These bilateral and multilateral processes of representation and communication constitute a form of diplomacy and governance which has hitherto been underexplored”.

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