In the digital age of e-commerce where a vast majority of customers are ordering products online to be delivered directly to their homes and businesses, the logistics sector plays a vital role in the functioning of these businesses. Logistics had always played an important role in the B2B sector where businesses needed delivery and transportation of raw materials and finished goods. However, with today’s online retail boom, logistics and supply chain management companies have become a part of every individual’s life. With this, comes many expectations from customers and these growing expectations need to be managed to ensure the good customer experience. This is where the call center services for logistics come into play.

Global Contact Centre Solutions help logistics companies by maintaining a constant link between them and their end customers. It gives the customers the benefit of tracking their orders and getting real-time updates about it and it helps the logistics companies confirm addresses, delivery time, customer availability, and whatever else is needed to ensure smooth delivery of goods. All this streamlines the operations and ensures increased productivity at reduced costs.

Our Call Center Services for the Logistics Sector

The following are some of the key services Global Contact Centre provides the Logistics sector to help them with their day to day operations as well as to reduce cost and increase productivity.

Inbound Call Support

Logistics companies get calls from customers all across the country, wanting to know the status of their deliveries as well as to change their orders within a specified time. These calls can include regular requests like wanting to know when their package will be delivered as well as to know its current location. Also, customers may want to change their delivery address or inform about availability or lack of it. Inbound call center support services help these companies take away a load of these calls all the while ensuring the customers get answers to all their queries. Octopus Tech excels at providing inbound support services to handle all your customer inquiries to ensure complete satisfaction on the customers’ end. Our services act like a link connecting you with your customers, ensuring a constant flow of information between you and them.

Outbound Confirmation Calls

Confirmation calls are important to verify the address of delivery from the customer as well as to confirm the availability of the customer at the location and time of the delivery. If there is any miscommunication in this, it can lead to failed deliveries and returns that cost the company. In some cases, the customers may not want the order anymore and calling ahead to confirm this saves a lot of time and effort on the company’s part. All these reasons make outbound confirmation calls necessary. Octopus Tech’ outbound call center services carry out your order confirmation process with diligence and efficiency to ensure zero failed deliveries and returns. This leads to an improved experience for you and your customers.

B2B Lead Generation

The logistics industry is extremely competitive and in order for any business to remain profitable, they need to consistently grow their client base. For this reason, they require B2B lead generation services that help them tie-up with major e-commerce companies as well as emerging start-ups for their product delivery. More leads mean more clients and more profits. Hence, the lead generation service is one of the most important services for any logistics company. Lead generation services provided by Octopus Tech help you increase your revenue and profits by giving you an ample supply of relevant and convertible leads. We use various methods of lead generation to get you the best end result possible.

Email Support Services

Inbound calls are not the only way customers contact logistics companies with their inquiries and complaints. There are many customers who prefer to communicate with them via email. The reason is that email leaves a documented proof of conversation along with giving the convenience of describing the issue in great detail, something which can be tough over the call. In order to ensure the satisfaction of these customers and a proper redressal of their issues, email support services become a crucial part of customer support for these logistics companies. Octopus Tech’s email support services enable you to be there for your customers over the email channel and promptly reply to all their inquiries as well as try to resolve any complaint possible and get back to them in a timely manner to ensure a good customer experience.

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