Content Moderation Services

We live in a digital world that is dominated by content. From social media to online forums, all these sites depend

heavily on user-generated content. Brands want their customers to communicate with them and each other online

freely to be able to gauge their sentiments towards their products, services and overall reputation.

This flow of center requires moderation to ensure that it complies with the policies of the website and also to ensure

its accuracy. Other points of concern are to curb cyber bullying and to safeguard the sentiments of other users. That

is why, Global Contact Centre Solutions offers content moderation services to help brands better manage their online


Our Content Moderation and Monitoring Services

Social Media Monitoring

Every brand today is active on social media as it is a necessity. Your social media pages are filled with user comments and posts. While most of them are as per the guidelines of social media content norms, others can include false and hateful content. It could also content in the form of photos and videos that do not comply with the platform’s guidelines. Our content moderation services manually go through all the user-generated content on your various social media pages and moderate them accordingly to ensure that your followers are able to communicate freely in a positive social media environment.

Comment Moderation

It is great to encourage your website or forum visitors to engage with you by leaving comments about your articles or your products/services. This makes customers and potential customers feel live they have a voice and are being heard. There are however several comments that may be spam or against the content submission guidelines. Through content moderation outsourcing, you can have us verify every single comment submitted on your site or forum before them being approved and published. We follow the strict guidelines laid out by you to ensure only the relevant content makes it to your site.

Image Moderation

Images play a major role online and are the best way to attract new users onto the site. Inviting users to share images is a great way to boost online interactions. A major challenge when you allow image sharing is moderating those images to ensure they do not contain any explicit content or visuals that may not be suitable for that online platform. Through our image moderation services, you can rest assured knowing that our team of moderators will review each and every image to ensure both quality and compliance as per your guidelines.

Video Moderation

We are moving towards a video dominated internet and it is extremely important that the videos published on your site do not contain any obscenity, sexually graphic content or violence. What brands need today are user-generated videos made live as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality and rules. Octopus Tech’s video moderation services are capable of monitoring thousands of user generated videos daily and tagging them into relevant categories and disapproving videos that do not meet the guidelines on a set of predefined parameters.

Global Contact Centre is a content moderation company that can help you maintain your brand image by making sure all the

 content on your website and social media accounts is within the guidelines of the community and does not hurt the

 modesty and sentiments of your customers. Our moderation services are a must have in today’s digital world.

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