Outsource Outbound Call Center Services to United Kingdom

Outbound Call Center Services are important as they allow your business to reach either its customers or its prospective

customers that it is looking to convert. In order to reduce the cost of operations and to focus on their core

competencies, businesses choose to outsource these services to outsourcing companies that have relevant experience

and good track record for providing outbound services.

Octopus Tech’s outbound services give your business the extra edge needed to enhance its revenues and grow their

existing customer base.

Our outbound support offers you the following services –

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a method where prospective customers or clients are called by a business to inform them about their various products & services and to raise interest and awareness among those offerings.
Global Contact Centre offers lead generation services that help create trust between your business and prospect clients. We handle the entire journey from initial contact to converting prospects into clients or customers.

Customer Survey

In order to improve customer experience, businesses often need to conduct surveys to understand the behavior and changing demands of their customers. This is done through customer survey calls that are made to the existing database of customers.
Global Contact Centre helps you gain relevant insights into the mind and behavior of your customers with our customer survey service.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is a function of a business where customers that want to discontinue your services are called in an attempt to sway their minds into staying with the company. This type of service is needed mostly by service providers.
Global Contact Centre helps you retain your valuable customers and keep them engaged with the company, thus saving you from the losses you may face due to their departure. This is done through timely feedbacks, surveys and improving client experience wherever possible.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is a part of the business development of your business. While your sales team focuses on tries to convert leads and preparing presentations, a third party can be left to call targets or potential leads and convince them into taking an appointment with your sales personnel.
Global Contact Centre helps the efforts of your sales team by offering effective Appointment Scheduling service that assists your business to get closer to achieving its organizational goals.

To grow your business and get increase your sales, contact us today to know more about our Outbound support services.