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Business Succession Planning – Developing and Maintaining a Succession Plan Course



Aimed at human resources professionals and executive leadership, Business Succession Planning will help prepare for the ongoing viability of their business operations. This course will assist participants with determining key members of their organization, who is in a position to provide mentorship, strengths that the company currently possesses, and how to recover when employees choose to pursue new opportunities.

At the end of this one-day training course, participants will be able to: apply their understanding of the value of succession planning for successful businesses; work directly with the key elements of a succession plan; identify resources and analyze risks; create and discuss a succession plan, and then evaluate and review it; and discuss the elements of a succession plan in terms of roles, responsibility, function, scope, and evaluation.

Purchasing the Business Succession Planning training materials allows learners/trainers to deliver content as is with little preparation, and to customize and brand the courseware to their liking. Prepare your classroom participants for the future with Business Succession Planning. Each of our Training Materials package comes complete with anlearner/instructor guide, student manual, PowerPoint slides, quick reference guide, and much more.

Course outline-

How to Use This Guide

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: A Need for Succession Planning

Session Three: Defining a Succession Plan

Strong Leaders and a Strong Organization

Components of the Plan

Setting the Scope

Session Four: Pre-Assignment Review

Session Five: Identifying Resources and Analyzing Risks

Identifying Resources

Risk Assessment

Session Six: Defining Roles, Responsibilities, and Functions

Individualized Engagement Plans

Working the Plan

Session Seven: Gathering Information

Session Eight: Forecasting Needs

Key Ingredients of a Successful Plan

Coaching and Mentoring

Session Nine: Putting the Plan Together

Using Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

How to Choose the Leader

Session Ten: Putting the Plan into Action

Phased Implementation


Session Eleven: Evaluating and Reviewing the Plan

Evaluation Challenges

Sample Evaluation

Check Out the Checklist

Session Twelve: Your Action Plan

Plan and Then Do

Next Steps

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys

Personal Action Plan

Learner/Instructor Guide

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Student Manual

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Exercise Workbook

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Sample Files

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Powerpoint Deck

The course is designed to give you everything you need for use in the classroom or workshop. This includes the PowerPoint versions of all the courses, prepared for you in advanced.


Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guides are a favourite tool for learners/trainers to provide to their learners. Each Quest Reference Guide summarizes the most important elements in each course title down to two pages.