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Diversity Training – Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace Course



Diversity training is extremely important in today’s multi-culturally rich workplaces.

Workplace Diversity Training enables learners/trainers to enhance communication and understanding, as well as educating employees and supervisors to support the wealth of talent, ideas, and skills within our workplaces. In this one-day training course learners/trainers can help participants learn how to bring together various needs, backgrounds, and strengths in a respectful way.

Participants will learn: what diversity and its related terms mean; how to be aware of their own behaviours and how they can improve them; how to identify stereotypes; the Four Cornerstones of Diversity; the STOP technique; and how to take action when discrimination takes place.

All our training materials are fully customizable. Each package comes complete with an instructor guide, student manual, PowerPoint slides, quick reference guide, and much more.

Course outline-

How to Use This Guide

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Defining Diversity

Defining the Terms

Defining Related Terms

Session Three: How Does Diversity Affect Me?

Changes in My World

Self-Awareness Inventory

Making Connections

Session Four: Identifying Stereotypes

About Stereotypes

Your Experience with Stereotypes

Session Five: Wise Words

Session Six: The Cornerstones of Diversity

About the Cornerstones





Session Seven: How to Discourage Diversity

Session Eight: The STOP Technique

The Four Steps

Making Connections

Session Nine: Managing for Diversity

Session Ten: Dealing with Discrimination

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys

Personal Action Plan

Learner/Instructor Guide

Our Learner/Instructor Guides are the core of each training course. They lay out the training in simple, easy-to-follow instructions. You can also customize the Learner/Instructor Guides in order to personalize your training.

Student Manual

Each Instructor Guide – for each course – is paired with a Student Manual that you can present to your participants. This customizable Student Manual gives each participant the student version of the course you will be learning/teaching.

Exercise Workbook

Whether or not you choose to introduce exercises into your learning/training is up to you as the learner/facilitator. In case you want to do this we offer you an Exercise Workbook (also customizable) that is specific to the course you are offering.

Sample Files

Each course title comes with a Lab Workbook loaded with activities and exercises to practice and reinforce the learners’ understanding of the course objectives. Pre-made Sample Exercise Files are provided for use with the Lab Workbook so that you, as the learner/trainer, do not have to prepare activity working files.

Powerpoint Deck

The course is designed to give you everything you need for use in the classroom or workshop. This includes the PowerPoint versions of all the courses, prepared for you in advanced.


Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guides are a favourite tool for learners/trainers to provide to their learners. Each Quest Reference Guide summarizes the most important elements in each course title down to two pages.