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In today’s changing workplace, many new supervisors are unsure of their roles and responsibilities.  They have little experience dealing with the challenges of managing work through others.  They haven’t had the opportunity to develop those critical skills of planning work, leading their group, and communicating with their employees, their colleagues and their manager. Learning these skills can have a tremendous impact on an organization’s productivity.


How You will Benefit:

  • You will understand the scope and nature of the supervisory position
  • You will learn some ways to deal with the challenges of the role.
  • You will recognize the responsibilities you have as a supervisor, to yourself, to your team and to your organization
  • You will identify key techniques to help you plan and prioritize effectively
  • You will acquire a basic understanding of and develop strategies for leadership, team building, communication, and motivation and what part they play in effective supervision.



What You Will Cover:

Your role as a supervisor
The challenges you face and how to deal with them
Finding time to plan
Organizing & prioritizing
What it means to be a leader
Working with your team
Communicating with your employees and your manager
Your role in employee orientation and training
Motivating your team
Providing and accepting feedback
Resolving conflict
Problem solving