The global shipping industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. This sector is one of the most regulated industries and is impacted by the changing dynamics of the modern economy. These companies need to keep their operations optimized and capitalize on every opportunity possible to reduce costs, increase revenue, and minimize risks due to uncertainties. That is why some of the biggest shipping and transportation companies in the world recognize the need for a trusted BPO partner to work with.


Global Contact Centre Solutions helps the shipping sector grow continuously without burdening their operating costs. Our highly scalable and customized solutions make us the perfect partner for all your outsourcing needs. We utilize our industry expertise and domain knowledge to produce the best results for your business’ productivity.

Our Call Center Services for the Shipping and Transportation Sector

Below are some of the main BPO Services being implemented by Octopus Tech Solutions for the Shipping sector.

Customer Support Services

The bigger your brand becomes, the more it will require to provide great customer service to its customers and clients. It is the most important part of any company’s customer experience. This support is not just limited to inbound phone calls. This goes across all the channels that customers or clients can use to contact a shipping company with their inquiries and complaints. For this reason, a multichannel customer support strategy becomes imperative. Octopus Tech Solutions is known for its multichannel customer support services. We provide voice support, chat support, email support, back-office support as well as social media support services. We ensure that we are present for your customers wherever they may need it, whenever they need it

Lead Generation and Sales

Lead generation and B2B sales services ensure that shipping companies never fall short of new clients to serve. This keeps the business expanding across different geographical and industrial boundaries. In the competitive world of the shipping sector, if you are not moving forward, then you are moving backward and will soon be left behind. That is why outsourcing lead generation and sales to a seasoned BPO company is required by these companies for continued growth while they focus on their core operations. Octopus Tech’s lead generation services use a variety of traditional as well of digital methods to get the most relevant leads for your business and convert them into paying clients to ensure your revenue grows continuously in the long run.

Dispatch Support Service

Through dispatch support services, we help independent transporters, as well as shipping companies, acquire hauls as well as manage their logistics from pickup to delivery. These services are mutually beneficial for all parties involved and play a key role in the shipping and transportation industry. Teaming up with the right dispatch support company helps you maximize your revenue streams. Our dispatch support services help you find loads, handle regulatory issues, manage communication across different parties, and many other things.

Payment Collection Support

The transportation and shipping sector faces a lot of challenges due to late payments or non-payments from clients. You need a dedicated team to follow-up with these parties for the collection of these payments in a timely manner so as to not hamper your cash flow. This is also one of the main processes being outsourced to BPO companies by this sector. Octopus Tech ensures timely collection of payments from the concerned parties through regular and rigorous follow-ups. Our dedicated team of collection professionals works around the clock tirelessly to reduce your risk of loss due to non-payment or delayed payments because we know that cash flow is the lifeblood of any business.

For a more in-depth understanding of how our call center services for the shipping and transportation sector can help you, contact us today.