The telecom sector is one that constantly sees growth and advancements all across the world. With the world slowly moving towards 5G technology, the telecom giants of the world need to keep their focus on the core research & development needed for proper implementation of cutting edge technologies that are bringing this world closer. In order to do that, telecom companies all across the globe rely on call center outsourcing partners that can take away the burden of non-core activities like customer support and sales.

That is also the reason why historically the telecom sector was one of the first companies to outsource to BPO companies across the world. Call center services for the telecom sector help both the businesses and their customers. Octopus Tech Solutions partners with global telecom companies to ensure their cost reduction as well as revenue generation.

Our Call Center Services for Telecom Sector

Global Contact Centre Solutions offers the telecom sector a wide range of outsourced services that help manage the complete customer lifecycle.

Customer Acquisition

The telecom sector is an extremely competitive market. Although the number of players may vary from country to country, the competition centers around capturing the vast pool of existing customers. That is usually done by convincing the subscribers of other networks to make the switch over to your network. It sounds easier than it actually is. Since telecommunications have reached civilization everywhere, grasping existing customers becomes necessary as new customer creation is virtually impossible. Octopus Tech helps telecom companies across the globe with their customer acquisition both in the B2C and B2B segments. We are able to help these clients remain competitive and profitable in a cut-throat industry.

Customer Support

The only thing more difficult than acquiring new customers is keeping the existing ones happy. With customers having so many options, proving excellent customer support becomes an absolute necessity. It is a very important part of the customer journey and leads to customer happiness. Outsourcing to a call center company that can provide customers with real-time support at all hours of the day has been a requirement for this sector for decades. Octopus Tech provides 24/7 multichannel support services to handle customer complaints and queries at all hours of the day and night. We not only provide support through voice-based channels but also through chat and email support as well.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is another crucial stage of the customer lifecycle management. The cost of retaining existing customers is far lower than the cost of acquiring new customers. So, it is the strategy of any smart business to retain customers that are leaving or have left the company. This retention can be done by giving a better offer to the customer or promising better services. Anything that gets them to stay. Octopus Tech helps telecom companies reduce customer churn by running our customer retention process. We handle some of your most irate and dissatisfied customers to endeavor to keep them with your company, thus reducing churn and revenue loss.

Application Support

In order to keep customers loyal and engaged, every telecom company has launched its own mobile application. The purpose of this is to keep the customer in its own ecosystem. These apps allow customers to pay their bills or recharge their prepaid accounts, switch between different plans as well as use various services provided by the telecom company through the app. When customers spend so much time on the app, they are bound to face certain issues or have some questions. That is why proving support for that app also becomes important for better customer experience. Octopus Tech Solutions provides real-time customer support for your mobile application to ensure your customers have a smooth experience with the application. This not only helps the customers improve their experience with your brand but helps your company by keeping the customers loyal, satisfied, and engaged. Which, is the entire point of the application.

Technical Support Services

With the technological advancements and the data network being provided to the customers, there are many technical settings that have to be just right in order for the customer to enjoy your service to the maximum. With different devices coming into the mix, the complexity of the settings also increases. Today, customers want to connect every internet-enabled device to your network, which can lead to issues with compatibility and configuration. This gives rise to the requirement of a technical support team or helpdesk services. At Octopus Tech, we help telecom customers with their everyday technical issues that range from simple device configurations on smartphones to helping connectivity wth their IOT based smart devices. We make sure your customers get the perfect experience with your network without any interruption.

Upselling and Cross-selling

Upselling and cross-selling are another way telecom companies increase their revenue by capitalizing on their existing customers. The process involves getting in touch with customers that have a low priced plan and pitching them the services of higher rate plan to get them to upgrade their services. That is upselling. Cross-selling involves selling a parallel product or service to go with the existing product or service a customer uses. In either case, the telecom companies increase their revenue. Octopus Tech’s telemarketing services help telecom companies boost their revenue by increasing their sales of value-added services as well as various services and devices to existing customers of your brand. All the while maintaining your brand’s image.

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